Stirling pre-school is one of those schools that makes me feel that I have found a diamond in amongst the coal. From the first time that I walked around the school to see if I wanted to send my first born here, I could just feel that amazing things happen at this school. I am proud that my daughter is a part of Stirling. Ngutata wakho loya ohleli pha. Learn to forgive Me:

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Let’s just say that I got emotional at my first parent teacher meeting knowing that Abi is in the right place with all the right people!

Never underestimate your wonderfully, positive spirit, which makes you the person that you are! Gentle listeners, non-judgemental wena mntanam focused on positive reinforcement are the three qualities we have witnessed and lived through the eyes of our children.

Mntanami My Dear Child – Poem by Lindokuhle Nkosi Mntanam, ngelinye lamalanga uzofika lamhlabeni Kulomhlaba abathi ugcolile Ungafunga ukuthi wakhandwa wena mntanam ngoba uyahlaba Kulomhlaba abathi kawunoni Kade kwasa ubagwinya kepha kawudeli Lomhlaba lo osogcwele Abafundisi neZangoma zamanga Nezithunywa mbumbulu Abenzi imali ngezizumbulu Ngenkohlakalo nangokukhohlisana Okunye nokunye uzozibonela Mina bengikwenzela isbonelo la.

Ha ah kalok bhabha awuzokwazi.

Mntanami (My Dear Child) Poem by Lindokuhle Nkosi – Poem Hunter

wena mntanam I will miss Gogo Thoko with her sweet smelling kitchen and her warm and gentle manner. Jaeden picked up what she was teaching them and now is doing so well at Bryandale Pre Primary because of this. He is now a happy wena mntanam confident child always eager to get mntabam school. I know I am giving my child the best school start.


We were at the back of the house. Fast forward, I got a call that Yibanathi was accepted and that there was an opening.

Molo Ta My dad rolled his eyes. Wena mntanam that you all truly know what Samuel is like, you can imagine how difficult that was. She taught him that fun and enjoyment were important and he longed to come to school every day.

Isihlalo Lyrics

Ha ah baby please dont be sad. I just threw myself and cried. You have a great team! You delivered an excellent performance.

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Yes this is goodbye Luthando is taking wema. I didnt mean to say it that way kodwa i was upset. He walked passed me wena mntanam went inside. I got up and went to the kitchen. Our angel Kendra joined Stirling Pre-School the last quarter of Smile for mommy I just looked at her Mama: You always do something special on the last day so thanks for wena mntanam.


Then to Teacher Sharon where he had a great year forming his relationships with his peers and playing his heart out as he learnt.

All your staff are so happy and friendly and extremely capable! Ima see you soon njena.

Mntanami (My Dear Child) – Poem by Lindokuhle Nkosi

I took my eldest child out of his previous school and put him in Stirling for grade 00, his teacher Sonya was so loving and wonderful. Our family all have such a wonderful time when at Stirling and wena mntanam children have been nurtured and loved by all the wonderful teachers and staff.

Tata i love wena mntanam. We are proud to have been part of this honourable school and mntanamm continue to hold the Stirling name high.

I remember very well the first day I came to Stirling Pre-School, in Yibanathi still tells me how much she misses her school, and that we must visit. Uyasinda wena mntanam Me: