The fault that required the fix was that, when attempting to view your own Twitter profile in Tweetian, an ‘error ‘ was returned. Tap on ‘Sign in’ and you’ll be taken to twitter. This type of behaviour is great for anyone who wants to read every single last tweet without missing a thing. Just when we thought we’d seen every Twitter client for Symbian, we were proved wrong; kind of. Man, you are not alone.

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You can also add your location when writing a tweet. Can I buy you tweetian for symbian more beer to relax and give you the inspiration to implent this? Swype Zeta 2 Keyboard 3.

There are currently no reviews for this app. In terms of performance, the only complaint I have is that Tweetian’s scrolling is far from smooth.

One idea is that there is a missing dependency. Log in or register to post comments. It’s post-January 1stand something changes in a critical online service, in this case Twitter, tweetian for symbian a Nokia Store-hosted application – the freeware Tweetian – breaks.

Tweetian is open source and licensed under GPL v3. In balance, Tweetian has far more features in its favour than there are complaints to make. It would be handy if Dickson also coded a proper ‘check for update’ routine into his application, but in the meantime keep an eye on All About Symbian for future updates.


Not recommended to use it.

Tweetian for Sailfish OS

On all tweetian for symbian versions of Tweetian I can’t generate new tweets, sliding down to “new Tweet” and releasing does not initate any action. You’ll have to log in and authenticate again, of course – this is effectively a whole new installation. In terms of feature set, I missed the option to add an image to my tweets, as well as any facility to send links to read later services. You are here Home.

Tweetian Twitter Nokia N8 S^3 Anna Belle Free App Download

Get Tweetian in the Nokia Store. Image upload currently only support uploading to Twitter service.

Is that an intended ‘feature’ to show offline status? Error while loading page: Installation should actually be quicker, since there’s less of Nokia’s ‘Smart Installer’ in the way. I don’t mind to install apps via OpenRepos Man, you are not alone. You can add to your device these with:. tweetia

One aspect of Tweetian that I really appreciated was that when it downloads new tweets, it doesn’t immediately jump to the most recent update. The issue is tracked here: Other features include searching for tweets and users, and you can retweet in both the new and old style. You will certainly enjoy its fascinating features. The sign in page looks great, to bad when I press sign in nothing happens so I can’t get a pin number. Whatsapp Latest Version New virsion 2. Reviewed by David Gilson at 6: Lots of bugs are fixed and more features are added since the last version v0.


Navigating between views tweetian for symbian requires a simple swipe form side to side — just like moving between your homescreens. Yep, I stmbian the dependencies twretian the packaging and updated the package so this is should be solved for others now. The tweetian for symbian wanted me to re-authorise myself, so I logged out, and now it won’t let me log back in. I’d say that’s pretty close to the best of both worlds.