I’m on the way to fixing it however it’s very time consuming figuring it out. Recent Battlefield Files Battlefield v3. It can probably be fixed by changing the waypoints around. Meaning that if you want to save to a file, it is saved into the mod. They will keep shooting until player tells them to do something else, or they see an enemy. Popular Battlefield Files Zombie Mod.

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PeZBOT p mod Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare free download : LoneBullet

This mod contains nade training mode, spectator free high mode, weapons test pezbot 007p and anti bunny hoppping mode. Most important it finally fixes the inaccurate time calculation! Attack on Pearl Harbor. If you wish to remove a link between two waypoints; Stand over the first pezbot 007p, press the frag button, move over to the second waypoint and press the frag button again.

It will probably contain a bunch of other waypoints for other custom maps also. Move to the position you would like to place the next waypoint, Add another waypoint, then press the Use Button while standing over the waypoint to Confirm the Link.

This is Version 0.

Correct death anims etc. Call of Duty 4: Which is just rediculous. Games Call of Duty 4 Mods.


To delete a waypoint, move over to it and press the Ads Button, the waypoint is now deleted, Note: Anyway pezbot 007p works better than it used to. Usually you will need to press the save button a few times for the log to output the entire buffer.

The line above this has the name of the file you need to copy and paste the waypoints into. For now till i get the time to make a custom class just for dogs the sniper class is replaced with dogs, so if you choose a sniper class other ppl will see you as a dog doing pezbot 007p handstand half way embedded in the ground.

So i’d avoid that: You should now see a blue line between the two waypoints.

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Watch in amazement as they walk through walls and in circles. Before you start, keep in mind that due to technical difficulties with cod4 you will Pezboh to send me your waypoint files to patch them into the pezbot 007p. They will keep shooting until player tells them to do something else, or they see an enemy. Black Ops peznot Release date: This is a message mod that I made back in the CoD: An updated version of the mod that fixed the bug with PAM pezbot 007p.


When you are in range of a waypoint the line color will pulse to let you know you are in range.

Meaning that pezbot 007p 00p7 want to save pezbot 007p a file, it is saved into the mod. IW is aware of this and hopefully they will fix it soon. An example command line would be: But dont worry they are still in there, you just have to specify the size you want. All weapons including perks and attachments unlocked.

The start of the waypoint list starts at the line beginning with “0,” it should look something like “0, This site is NOT official gamefront site but just a third party mirror.

PeZBOT p – Call of Duty 4 Mods

You can tell if they were all written pezbot 007p looking for a line starting with a number followed by a comma and the word end. I’ll patch the waypoints into the mod. This pack contains 17 new wallpapers with all different tastes pwzbot colors.