This is certainly giving disadvantages to the user when they are havingsome issues or problem regarding the OpenDocMan. Log In Sign Up. There will always no result found when I search the article back. Recent Comments Stephen Lawrence on 1. This is certainly important especially on the installation process, as a developer of a system; the OpenDocMan must provide user with a high quality user manual. I have opened a support ticket with sourceforge to see what is going on with the. When I do that, all it appears is the list of files, but nothing else happens.

opendocman users manual

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I have tried several mirrors with the same result.

OpenDocMan Users Manual – Free Document Management Software

Clarity The user manual has a low clarity as the user manual does not contain all the instructions needed in order to use the OpenDocMan easily. This is certainly giving disadvantages to the user when they are havingsome issues or problem regarding the OpenDocMan.

Hi, I have installed the Apache, Mysql opendocma PHP, and the installation page was opened successfully, and it redirect me to the login page, but when i tried to login it generates the following error: This is giving them hard time to solve the issue as usually first time user will refer to the user manual when they facing some issue. Recent Posts OpenDocMan 1.

Remember me on this computer. It powers everything from hobbyist websites to professional opendoc,an like WordPress. Log in to Reply. Effectiveness Apart from that, the effectiveness of this software showed when we upload the document it will be arranged according to ascending number and once the document has been delete the number was never used back again.


Thanks again and good luck. This free user manual also can only be found when searching using search engine. Documentation The model that are being used in evaluating the system that we choose which is OpenDocMan is based on Jackson, Crouch and Baxter criteria which is documentation.

Other than that, there are also others function such as the user can manage whether to delete the document or who can access the document. You must be logged in to post a comment. Though the datadir does show the correct modified date and I do see a dat file in it Log in to Reply.

This criterion focusing the user documentation which consists of several points which are: This showed that the user manual is not high quality as it unable to help user to understand the system better. Recent Comments Stephen Lawrence on 1.

Learnability In terms of the learnability for opendocman software is, it is easy for new user to understand on how to use the software and how to manage their document in the Opendocman software this is because, the software show where to upload their document, for example, the button to adding document was placed clearly on the Opendocman interface.

OpenDocMan Users Manual

This showing that the information provided in the user manual is accurate. So I have to go back to home and userw will be a sign under the search button show the document that I upload need to be reviewed. Criteria for measuring and comparing information systems.

opendocman users manual

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Lawrence said that OpenDocMan is designed to be easy to manhal, easy to use, and reliable. The user also can view their history of the document and the logout button was also clearly shown. Everything that developers need to set up a web server, such as server application Apachedatabase MySQL and scripting language PHP is included in a simple extractable file Mikoluk, My file is KB here.


There will always no result found manuxl I search the article back.

Documentation – Free Document Management Software

Accuracy Through our exploration we can see that the user manual is accurate as it uses same word as in the system.

I am having the same problem of unable to access the data directory. Usfrs user manual also does not consist of spelling error in it.

opendocman users manual

Even the manual that available is fromthus showing the manual is not up to date to the current version of OpenDocMan as the version during is 1. This is mnaual as we can see that the user manual only contains few instructions such as for installation and updates.

opendocman users manual

Appropriateness From the point opendocan appropriateness we can see that the OpenDocMan does not provide a free user manual and the price of the user manual is expensive. Completeness Based on the OpenDocManwe can see that the user manual are low in completeness as it does not contain all the points and instructions needed by the user in order to use the OpenDocMan.