I’ve been using Reason for 15 years and like to think I know Neptune in and out pretty good, but it just wouldn’t play ball with me today. I’d like to stay in Reason more, but Neptune just can’t even come close to how good Melodyne Essentials does. Do yourself a favor and get Melodyne. Then, you need to enable Input Monitoring on your track. Neptune is used as a Send Effect. Submit a new link. Devs are all welcome to show off their goods.

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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Create backing harmonies on a vocal track. Forum Rack Extensions Neptune: Hopefully when props integrate in line pitch correction they will be using new algorithms and not the horrible neptune ones. Post Sat Oct 22, I imagine i might use neptune some day when i want to ruin the audio, and that’s about all i can think neptune pitch adjuster.

Neptune Pitch Adjuster | Reason | Propellerhead

Submit a new link. Forum All times are UTC. Want to share some useful Youtube videos? For reasons I’m unable to figure out you can only do this from the sequencer. Post Sun Aug 09, 4: Post Tue Nov 01, Neptune also features controls for adjusting formants and for adding pitch bend and vibrato to the aduster signal.



I’ve been using it tons. Don’t do that here. Post Fri Oct 21, 8: But I like the glitch vocal effect of Neptune you can get out of it with hard settings. If Reason was a Rewire master then things would be much improved. I am officially breaking up with you This forum is for discussing Rack Piych.

Perhaps the most creative-sparking function in Neptune is the voice synth. I love the formant knob. Well, I’m at least going to see Melodyne Essentials on the side – and fairly regularly – so I sure hope you don’t have a problem with that.

Join us on Slack. Post Fri Oct 21, 4: I really wish Propellerhead would just license the tech or work a deal out with Melodyne and get their editor directly integrated into Reason. But no-where near as great as VariAudio which I believe is similar to Melodyne for tuning up a vocal.

This is a great putch if you ever neptune pitch adjuster to change the key of a song that’s already been recorded.


Yes it can be used creatively but that doesn’t change the fact it’s shit at what it’s meant to do. Neptune is an advanced pitch adjuster, audio transposer and voice synth. Post Sun Aug 09, 8: Neptune will fix the flat notes with an unbelievable audio quality. Post Sun Aug 09, Neptune pitch adjuster really need the midi note type piano roll neptune pitch adjuster make it work, and select notes you want to pitch quantise etc.

The Transpose parameters are set to desired values. The main Sequencer tool bar has a ‘Transpose’ slider for cents or semitones which can work in ‘All Round’, ‘Melody’ or ‘Vocal’ mode’ for a selected audio clip.

Google Adsense [Bot] and 0 guests. A Melodyne RE is what we all want i would guess.