The steps below will resolve this issue in all known scenarios when performed correctly. Images — Images commonly used in presentations, workbooks, and documents, such as company logos and head shots Charts — Pre-formatted charts that are pre-populated with dummy data and commonly used in workbooks, presentations, or documents, such as waterfall charts, Marimekko charts, etc. But only Macabacus’ self-study resources for investment banking, private equity, and other finance professionals and students use interactive spreadsheet examples to demonstrate practical application of finance and accounting concepts, all free of charge. If you have not yet purchased a Macabacus subscription, but intend to do so via our online checkout , do not request training until after your purchase. When republishing slides, specifically, there are additional considerations involving slide links. This slide is updated quarterly, and is used frequently in presentations. When inserting charts into Excel, the inserted chart and its dummy data are added to the workbook on a new worksheet.

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Macabacus libraries are similar to PowerPoint’s native Slide Library, except that a Macabacus requires neither the Professional Plus version of Office nor SharePoint to deliver mmacabacus functionality, and b Macabacus lets you add much more than just macabacus to the library. If a resulting error message reads something like “Unable to install this application because an application with the same identity is already installed You may prefer to use multiple folders macabacus group similar images.

If the Library pane is already open, then clicking these buttons results in native behavior so, you can always click twice for native behavior. Select the text you want to publish, or macsbacus cell, shape, etc. Macabacus inserting cached library content using macabacus Library pane in PowerPoint, the option macabacus link inserted slides to the library is disabled. What is mostly likely happening is that anti-virus software e. I really appreciate it! I heard this is a great solution similar to Deal Meaven but for free Add-ins for Excel, shortcuts, fastest interaction and easier review of long information displayed in Excel.


The original folder’s name will serve as the description of the gallery visible to macabacus users in some Macabacus interfaces. Macabacus Lite for Excel 3. Don’t have a presentation template? I also heard that macabacis can accelerate my performance in excel.

Much more, for much less

Free day Trial Try Macabaus free for 30 macabacus — no credit card and no commitment Your full-featured trial provides access to all Macabacus tools for Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. Repeat step 1 if necessary. If your firm does not already have a presentation template for use with Macabacus Suite, we can help Get a fully customized presentation template that reflects your brand identity e.

For example, if you upgraded from Office to Officebut still have Macabacus macabacus Office installed, Macabacus looks in C: Substitute macabacus or “Word” for “Excel” as applicable. Crowdsourced from overmembers. Read more about linking with PowerPoint slides.

The term “template” is used here loosely, as “template” normally refers to. This product not sold under a recurring license.

Slides — Slides commonly used in presentations, such as team pages, executive bios, and tombstone “creds” pages Shapes — Office shapes commonly used in presentations, workbooks, and documents, such as Harvey Balls, clip art, etc. If you purchased Macabacus via our online checkout, your credit card on file with our payment processing partner will be charged once the training is completed. It enables you to use complicated math functions, analysis and structuring difficult economic models in less macabacus by using simple keyboard keys.


First, create a folder containing only those images—such as company logos, headshot photos, and other reusable imagery—that you want macabacus add macabacus the library.

Shape names are used for identification and searchability.

Download Macabacus Add-ins for Excel, PowerPoint, and Word

Libraries Macabacus libraries are repositories for content and templates intended for frequent macabacus that facilitate the standardization and preparation of materials produced by you or your organization Overview Macabacus libraries are repositories for content and templates intended for frequent reuse that macabacus the macbaacus and preparation of materials produced by you or your organization. I would greatly appreciate your input.

Library Content A Macabacus library may contain macavacus types of content: Linked slide example A slide highlighting recent deals is published to your company library. First, macabacus a presentation containing only macabacus slides you want to add to the library.

When publishing content and templates, Macabacus prompts you for the destination library. Therefore, it is necessary to retain the original presentation so that it can be republished, macabacus desired, without breaking links between other presentations and slides in your library.

It also comes with a Macabacus optimization feature which makes your file smaller in terms of size and better-performing. If multiple cells in a single column or row are selected when inserting images from libraries in Excel, the image will be sized to match maacbacus height or width, respectively, of the selection.

Macabacus started using Macabacus as an alternative to FactSet’s DealMaven years ago, but now Macabacus has become far better.