Why play someone experienced and good? You will easily be able to beat off balls and to throw them on tribunes. Its vary addicting and alot of fun. Sep 4, ; size: Takes a little getting used to, and you might get carpal tunnel if you play to much, ha ha! Now everything any good is in a pack that costs a ton! Just a perfect hr game experience!!

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You will easily be able to beat off balls and battlle throw them on tribunes. No access to equipment? Game data will automatically be transmitted to the server once you join or login to your hub account.

Homerun Battle 3D FREE APK Download – Com2uS

Love It This is just a great lil game. Broken links Something happened and my password no bzttle works but the real kicker is the password reset link has disallowed characters and thus won’t load in any browser making my account useless!

Very addictive and awesome to kill time just about anywhere.

The hive sucks I play on my note 4 and alot homerun battle 3d 1.6.4 apk the time I get on and it’s making me log back in almost every time that is starting to make me mad Perfect. Homerun Battle play data in the previous account cannot be transmitted. What the heck I have lost three games because it takes so long on a cycling to allow you to hit the api. Need update for Android 5. Hopefully there is another update in the works. Homerun Battle 3D — a colorful and dynamic game, a baseball simulator.


Why play someone experienced and good? Is your life that empty that you cheat. Homerun Battle Description from Publisher: And you can also enjoy a game in many different kinds of devices.

Real-time Online Matchup Homerun Battle!!

Homerun Battle 3D FREE 1.8.8 APK

I purchased it, because its worth all them boring moments, now there filled. Why is this makers. Me and my seven yr.

This is an old game. You tilt your device to aim your bat and then tap the screen to swing. Sheeponee Google Nexus 4.

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homerun battle 3d 1.6.4 apk Nice Well, was supposed to receive gold balls for rating the game and of course I haven’t gotten anything. If you don’t have a Com2uS hub account, don’t worry, guest play is also supported. Loved this game btatle previous version of android on a Nexus 7.

Problem now is that the game stutters. Top download in Games. Sorta Its a really good game but I hate the down ranking I know that it down ranks you when you loose but when I win it sometimes it still down ranks me if you guys fix this problem I’ll give it 5 stars Enjoy it!


Homerun Battle 3D 1.6.4 APK

Force Close i had diz game bcause it was great bfore on other device. So, for example, you will be able to train in a mode of training or to play in an arcade mode.

Homerun Battle 3D 1. Hit homeruns and become the hero of the arena! Homerun Battle home run battle Walk off It’s a real winner of a game. Glitchy AF I love this game, but there are too apm glitches during play that cause you to miss pitches.