The soundscape of the city is seasonal, and constantly shifting with the time of day and the days of the week. In pieces like Into India , she explores the deeper implications of transferring environmental sounds from a foreign place into the North American context of electroacoustic composition and audio art culture. Rather than concentrating on techniques or software, most composers just tried to acquaint their colleagues and the small number of other interested people with their sources of inspiration, their opinions, their philosophy. January 11 — 12, All in all, it was fascinating to take in over a few days such a wide range of styles and personalities, and to learn a little about their methods.

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In a way, this work resembles a compositional style of a very different kind, hildegard westerkamp of Barry Truax. Westerkamp was involved in several other research projects on noise, acoustic ecology and music. The two concert venues offer exquisite acoustics. Another new work with words came from Darren Copeland.

Breathing Room3: You were always sure that it was him who played with coincidence and not the hildegard westerkamp way round. Hildegard Westerkamp emigrated to Canada in and gave birth to her daughter in They appeared not to start from any landscape, be it imagined or real, inside or outside the head ; hildegard westerkamp started from ideas, ideas of sound, ideas of form.


Everybody was open-minded and respected the others, as if trying to learn and understand, hilcegard to question fundamentals. Dufort spread a richness and variety of colors in a free, open structure that simply followed the beauty of the sounds created. This page was last edited on 24 Novemberat January 11 — 12, Beneath the Forest Floor By continuing browsing our site, you agree to the use of cookies, which allow audience analytics.

Hildegard Westerkamp – Wikipedia

Similar Artists Social Interiors. It was a deeply impressive piece, even if it was to hildegard westerkamp certain extent more dramatic than musical. Hildegard Westerkamp [June ]. The music of his younger colleagues, Mr. Despite this, visitors westerka,p their way to ZKM. Westerkamp thinks of sound as a part of ecological systems and is careful not to overmanipulate it.

Celebrating Hildegard Westerkamp and Vancouver’s Unique Soundscape

hildegard westerkamp Convergence Radio Cricket Voice Teruggithe liveliness and outstanding quality of the electroacoustic music scene in Canada is the result of good composers but also of academically sound research and training and a wide range of philosophical approaches to music. Hildegard was an associate of R.

A student of the aforementioned Jonty HarrisonNatasha Barrett conceives beautiful landscapes of sounds with very discreet field recordings, that retain an aesthetic likeness to the acousmatic tradition.

Many young composers settle into this landscape of sound… and hildegard westerkamp work is of such interest to us, it would be a shame not to let them be heard.


Hildegard Westerkamp – Concerts, Biography & News – BBC Music

Bernier and Louis Dufortwas more spontaneous, wandering dreamily through all the possibilities of technique hildegard westerkamp sound, to find out what would happen. The intention of the sounds to build around the absorbing, sometimes hildegard westerkamp vexatious, words seemed to force the listeners to constantly keep their full attention on the meaning of the text. After this time, she began to experiment with recording, processing, and mixing environmental sounds in the recording studio.

Her ears were drawn to the acoustic environment as another cultural context or place for intense listening. Find out more about our use of this data. Wibke Bantelmann, Computer Music Journalno. Cacti spikes, dried up roots, and the echoes of an old water reservoir provide the instruments for background percussion.

Her daughter, Sonja Ruebsaat was born in and is the designer of this webpage. She will first co-animate the Electronics Atelier o….