I feel like I’m cheating at the game Montanaro , GodCubed and callamity like this. DMs – These guys have the relentless role of closing down all the attacks through the middle, protecting the centre backs. December 1, Confidence — Fixed user being sacked for not dropping a player they already sold.

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The Football Manager Scouting regions and nations youth ratings determines the order of scouting, or each nations average level of quality regen production. Look at the shit with 13 and now 14 and people still defend the game, how many times are they going to make an arse pagch the release before even the hardcore fanboys pull the finger out and start to ask questions?

Football Manager Update – NEW Patch

What is what the tactics works for The board is verry happy. How do I publish content on my topic? December 8, The are not in the positions i told them to go. Pre-Purchase Football Manager So they created a new ME with all the variables that modern football have.

The AI will have 2 — 5 shots and score 3. Not only will it drive latch and leads through your content, but it will help show your expertise with your followers.


Learn more about the different options. Now I just need to get my own working Greetings Brought Mandzukic in the January transfer window, to play in the TM role. I only wanted them to change the fullbacks for this fm 2014 patch 14.1.4 yet as is the case with SI now, when they fix one thing they ruin another.

Have a look at some of the Wingbacks in Game.

Football Manager patch

Your new Deep is exactly what I tried to develop myself but somehow couldn’t get right. I dont have a problem with losing the odd game if i have been dominating. Patcu found how you can select individual marking. Sorry if this is getting off topic. Originally Posted by Montanaro.

Promising Football Talent 1. Congratulations for you work and new vision to fm 2014 patch 14.1.4 a new formation and wise intrutions to beat the match engine. The list of fixed things is in the post.

I even change my tactics at half time to see if this helps. Also on a less horrendous note, Sakho fmm 2nd season with 22 goals in all comps patcg to this bug with balanta with a modest 18 from Cb postions.


I don’t play counter attacking football so it’s hard to judge whether it happens to the AI also so I can’t tell if it’s the patch and not my tactics.

I’m really happy about the football I see Has this been fixed as it is a little annoying when you 14.14 in control of a match and lose 3 — tm. I guess I can only give it half a season and see what the stats say at the end. Originally Posted by Scotty98TR.

FM 2014 Patch 14.1.4 Released

Originally Posted by poweriess. Confidence — Fixed user being sacked for not dropping a player they already sold.

November 30, And all this talk of bugs missing the cut off point, eh? December 13, Setup a proficient coaching team of 5-star coaches in FM