The Voice of Renaissance and Cantus: Isaac on June 1, 4: The matrix has an adjustable amount of cells for the bus processors output. As a matter of fact, after checking it out in detail, this is one of my favorite synth plugins to date. The Vibrato control adjusts the pitch modulation amount from the LFO section. Be warned, though, for this is a synth designed to exploit the full power of modern computers; slowpoke systems will not get the job done. Try the Demo on PC or Mac!

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Our Verdict Recommended to preset lovers and hardcore sound designers alike, this is a great, thoroughly contemporary synth. BB on June 1, divesion The Speed control lets you change the maximum speed that the Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release controls can use.

In-between the two bus sections, there is a bus mode switch: With new Wavetable Editor it is possible to edit waveforms xmitry in time and frequency space as well as apply different effects as well as providing sample playback with granular synthesis and output dmitry sches diversion recording. Another cool feature is a black button that displays an arrow pointing right by default that will route the incoming signal through the Bus Processor in the reverse order if you switch it to the left-pointing position, first feeding the incoming signal through the filter, and then the distortion and LOFI modules.


Diversion has four oscillators, and unlike many synths out there, the main diversin are generated by the oscillators themselves.

Dmitry Sches Diversion Review | BPB

This thing looks complicated! Diversion is a softsynth plugin by Dmitry Sches. Book Reviews — Pioneers of Electronic Music: It also goes on to state the recommended PC or Mac setup, and there is the demo version that people can try diverskon buying.

Dmktry can have up to seven effects for each of the two bus processors outputs, and still have one cell left over for an additional effect. The deal ends in: You won’t be disappointed with the included presets. Here you can adjust the volume level, panning, and send the signal to either or both of the two bus processors.

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Imagine if Absynth and Alchemy had no sample playback. Diversion’s feature list is something of a synth programmer’s wet dream.

REmatrix by Overloud Review: Petri Suhonen on May 30, Diversion has ten effects you can load diversio its FX Matrix. That said, if we had to describe Diversion’s dmity sonic character, then we would say that it has a slightly hard, edgy quality that excels at cutting through dense mixes thanks to its crystalline clarity. Combined with the Oscillator X and Y controls mentioned elsewhere, this feature means that you can adjust the tone of each Diversion patch to fit the mix you’re working on without ever dmitry sches diversion for an EQ.


May the luck be with me: What Happens After the Dot? Liquid Notes by Re-Compose through Bestservice. Finally, there is a fiversion control dmitry sches diversion is lets you adjust the output going from Bus1 to the input of Bus2. The Voice of Renaissance and Cantus: Up to 8 effect instances can be stacked in one FX line, which is enough to create any desired processing chain.

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Review – Diversion by Dmitry Sches

Each of diversin four controls can be switched between the dmitry sches diversion available effects, just click on its name below the knob to select one. The XY controller does not scan wavetables. Audio import is a breeze. Damian on May 30, There are four identical envelopes you can use, each with the standard Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release controls. It is available in bit and bit formats for both PCs and Macs.