Desika handed the alms to his wife, who promptly showed him the coins. The sattva food promotes serene mind and long life whereas the rajasa and tamasa foods promote anxiety and laziness respectively. Desika, with his subtle wit and deep insight, portrays how these characters debate between the good and the evil propensities as he goes on to establish the divine destiny of Man through them. In the year , Srirangam city was invaded by Malik Kafur, the General of Allauddin Khilji, who wanted to loot the temple and destroy its Deities. Desika and the sons of the author of Shrutiprakasha hid amongst the dead-bodies of thousands of Sri Vaishnavas killed by the marauding invaders. He was a poet , devotee , philosopher and master-teacher desikan.

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Swamy Sri Vedanta Desikan as in Kanchipuram with lions on two sides.

But, who would have imagined that this was not just solved by Vedanta Desika, but was woven with intricate poetry and philosophy back in 13th century. Each successive decad employs a more complex metre, till it culminates desika stotram decorative poetry that is a sheer delight to hear.

Vedanta Desika – Wikipedia

Since Desika himself lived a life of voluntary poverty, he took him to the temple of the Goddess and sang Sri Stuti. Sesika composed his poems in various poetic metres. Desika stotram Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He was a poetdesika stotramphilosopher and master-teacher desikan. The Vedic scriptures categorize food into three — sattva, rajasa and tamasa. When Ammal told the audience that he had forgotten where he had stopped his discourse, it was Venkatanatha who reminded him immediately, to the astonishment of the assembled scholars.

‎Desika Stotram by Malola Kannan & Ranganathan on Apple Music

The main character in this play is Man with desika stotram forces acting on him: Twelve years later, General Gopanna of the Vijaya Nagara empire, ztotram the invaders and restored desika stotram city of Sri Rangam to its previous glory. Vedanta Desika belongs to Vishwamitra gotra.


Verses in one section form pictorial patterns with the arrangements of the letters used. The work is divided into 10 decads, each portraying different qualities of the personified mother, Dayadevi. It translates as “I salute the great Venkata Natha also called Stootram Acharya and Lion among poets and logicians and who was well adorned by both Knowledge and discretion and who well deserved the grace of Athreya Ramanujar who also had the same name.

Vedanta Desika

deaika In the 30th chapter of his composition, the Desika stotram Sahasram, Vedanta Desika had used several xesika of desika stotram imagery. In the yearSrirangam city was desika stotram by Malik Kafur, the General of Allauddin Khilji, who wanted to loot the temple and destroy its Deities. When Desika came out of his house the next day, the shoes hit his head. Taking cues from the Vedic scriptures, Vedanta Desika has provided a detailed catalogue of food which should be desika stotram to maintain a healthy mind and a disease-free life.

A mason challenged Vedanta Desika to construct a well by using bricks with uneven dimensions. The Shilpa Sastra, an ancient treatise on arts and crafts from India says that bricks which are uniform in size, have square corners, have a specific size, and are red in colour are the best for construction. Swami Desikan has employed 22 metres in the verses he composed on presiding deities of various temples in India.

They are intended to ensure that these temples and the practices as established by the acharyas and desikans will be followed for ever. Sri Vaishnava cyber satsangh. The sattva food promotes serene mind and long life whereas the rajasa and tamasa foods promote anxiety and laziness respectively. Poets are expected to conform to these norms in their compositions.


In particular, he established the chanting of the Tamil compositions called the divya-prabandhams, and installed Deities of the twelve Alwar saints for worship in the temple. The watching scholars felt that Desika would become angry at stotrzm insulted. He also travelled widely all over India on foot. Swami Desikan came back to Sri Rangam, and established the rituals and ceremonies for worship in the temple, which are still in vogue today. At each place, he composed many different works in languages such as Tamil, Sanskirt, Prakrit and Manipravala a mixture of Sanskrit and Tamil that desika stotram his ingenuity, creativity, logic, linguistic expertise, devotional fervour and erudite scholarship.

Vazhi Thirunamam is a set of salutary verses chanted in temples to mark the closure of the day’s Divya Prabandha chanting.

When he was five, his maternal uncle, Kidambi Appullar took him to attend a spiritual discourse of Nadadhoor Ammal, a revered Sri Vaishnava scholar of that time. Deeply impressed, Ammal blessed him and predicted that Venkatanatha would become the desika stotram torch-bearer for Sri Vaishnavism.

Retrieved February 18, It commences with the short anushtab metre. Each metre is governed by the number of syllables specific to it.