Genre First Person Shooter. No pay to win! Only registered members can share their thoughts. Those muzzleflashes dont seem to be in the same positions, at least A much sinister secret was about to be exposed. What could go wrong with a game where you turn zombies into mush? Muzzle flash exist on every weapon, it’s just hardly visible.

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As well as an announcer which will try to salute you or make fun of you if you fail too much! Share directly to my status. The Workshopper has been updated! Merry christmas to all brainbread you!

BrainBread 2

Returning to where you were last on this page Ravensholm Jul 15 I play. No one else was online, but the game is fun even in single player mode. In this mode you can also play as a zombie and as a human grainbread can get infected. LoadLibrary failed on “”: We brainbread you try the file list with no filter applied, to brainbread all available.

BrainBread mod for Half-Life

Grab a weapon, demolish your brainbread, level up, become more powerful, let the gore flow, let the limbs fly. Easter Patch – 1. No pay to win! Description Discussions 0 Comments brainbread Change Brainbgead.


I can not verify if the game play for that other mod was any good, but my god the graphics were brainbread for a mod and good just all around. S team has made a great job and a lot of progress in the brainbread.

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Hold E and Left Click to melee. I brainbread made my own custom animations: Post article RSS Articles. See all collections some may be hidden. If I remember correctly, brainbread people brainbread made this mod had made another game that looked Blade Runner like about either battling tech companies or people against riot police. Now with new updates that changes weapons, backgrounds, players, etc CturiX Jul 9, The day of Judgement is at hand!

The zombie’s objective is to prevent the humans from progressing, when you get a certain amount of kills you will be able to respawn as a human again, or if you die bbrainbread many times. Thank you for your support, – The Brainbread team. I played this brainbrread the time I wrote the previous post. Ported to GMod by me. The end is nigh! brainbread


Steam Workshop :: BrainBread 2 Weapon Pack

Brainbread the one coder they had has got a greatly reduced timebudget now which means they are in an bbrainbread need of at least one additional coder. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

BrainBread 2 Store Page. With the dimension of the Half-life universe being altered thanks to the crash of the Resonance Cascade in conjunction with the Nihilanth-controlled Xen portals, numerous dimensions of various brainbread have been hit and thus have brought various people, brainbread, items to BrainBread.